Brazel Berries®

BrazelBerries® are available through fine garden centers and mail order companies.

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Blueberry Glaze™ <span>ZF08-095</span>


Peach Sorbet™ <span>ZF06-043</span>


Raspberry Shortcake™ <span>NR7</span>


Jelly Bean™ <span>ZF06-179</span>


Pink Icing™ <span>ZF06-079</span>

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The BrazelBerries® Collection - These Deliciously Beautiful Berry Plants are Revolutionizing the Gardening Industry!

Since the 1970s, the Brazelton family and their team at Fall Creek Farm & Nursery in Oregon have been propagating and growing berry plants for berry farmers and nurseries around the globe. 

Deliciously Beautiful Plants. Our breeding program spent two decades developing berry plants that are simple to grow, exceptionally beautiful and delicious - just for the home gardener! We passionately believe in this collection, so much so that we put our name on it. 

The BrazelBerries® brand is our family's personal promise that these revolutionary plants will be a cinch to grow and will dazzle the eyes as well as the taste buds. 

These plants are like nothing seen before. With exquisite ornamental qualities and amazing fruit, these are berry plants that belong front and center in decorative patio containers and in the landscape.