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The Rock Father and Rock Daughters Expand Their Collection of BrazelBerries

Tue, May 24, 2016 in All Posts, Varieties

We would like to say a very big “Thank You” to The Rock Father and Rock Daughters™ for sharing their passion of the BrazelBerries collection!  We love seeing kids getting involved in the process of gardening, harvesting, and eating healthy foods.  Clearly these little berry plants are in the good care of little hands!

We are sorry to hear the unfortunate news about the first batch of blueberry plants—unpredictable cold weather can be a challenge.  Although blueberries are more tolerant of cold weather than other fruits, they’re still at risk during a freeze.  Here are some helpful tips on how to protect against the cold where temperatures may fall below 10°F:

• Cover the bushes in mid-afternoon on days when freezing temperatures are expected.  Remove the plant cover when the freeze is over.
• For containers, move them into the garage.
• Whether in the ground or a container, mulch heavily around the plant’s base in the winter to help insulate the roots from the coldest weather.

Wishing you lots of enjoyment with your crop of BrazelBerries plants!

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