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Blueberry Glaze™ ‘ZF08-095’

Blueberry Glaze™ Plants Are Boxwood-Like With Nutrient-Rich Bundles Of Nearly Black Blueberries!

Blueberry Glaze™ plants are unlike any other blueberries. With their small stature and incredibly glossy, dark green leaves, Blueberry Glaze™ plants are reminiscent of a boxwood and can easily be sheared as such. The white with pink spring flowers beautifully contrast the deep foliage color. Small, little dark (almost black) berries present in little bundles mid-summer. The small berries have intense flavor much like the flavor of wild blueberries. With their deep flesh color, these berries pack a healthful punch with their antioxidant-rich qualities.

Blueberry Glaze™ plants are interspecific hybrid, mid-chill ornamental blueberries with an estimated chilling requirement of 600 hours and cold hardiness limit of Zone 5. Add this ornamental beauty to your landscape as an accent planting or pruned into a hedge. Blueberry Glaze is also perfect on the patio in decorative containers.

Blueberry Glaze™ 'ZF08-095'
U.S. Plant Patent No. 25,467
Unlicensed Propagation Prohibited 

Planting & Care Notes:

  • Full sun
  • Acidic soil (incorporate peat moss or organic materials into soil)
  • Good drainage
  • Fertilize early spring with a granular or liquid acid fertilizer (Rhododendron/Azalea blends are perfect.))
  • Moderate watering
  • Prune annually during winter dormancy.
  • Chill hours: 600

Pruning:  This blueberry produces new canes each spring, but sets fruit on the previous year’s canes. Once fruiting is complete, prune canes that have fruited leaving new canes to fruit the following season. Annual pruning promotes plant growth and berry production.




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