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Raspberry Shortcake™ ‘NR7’

Raspberry Shortcake™ Plants Offer Everyone A Chance To Enjoy Raspberries Like Never Before.

These revolutionary, dwarf thornless raspberries have  an endearing compact growth habit that thrives in patio pots or in your landscape. For the first time ever, whether you have an urban balcony or a country estate, you can savor the experience of fresh raspberries from your very own plants.

These carefree raspberry plants are perfect for children with no thorns to get in the way. They'll love harvesting healthful fruit right from your patio! You'll appreciate that there is no trellising or staking necessary like the raspberries you've seen before, and the compact shape means no big garden spaces are required.  Raspberry Shortcake™ plants produce full-size, nutritious and super sweet raspberries mid-summer. 

Raspberry Shortcake is a showstopper and will be a lovely addition to your outdoor living spaces.

Raspberry Shortcake™ 'NR7'
U.S. Plant Patent No. PP22,141
Unlicensed Propagation Prohibited

Planting & Care Notes:

  • Full sun
  • Fairly neutral soil
  • Good drainage
  • Fertilize early spring (balanced liquid fertilizer)
  • Moderate watering
  • Chill hours: 800

If leaves begin to yellow or droop in summer - apply a balanced liquid fertilizer and water well.

This dwarf red raspberry produces abundant new canes each spring and fruits on second year canes. In early spring, you should start to see new green sprouts coming up from both soil and on some of the canes. The sprouts from the ground will become canes that fruit next year. Old canes with new growth emerging should fruit this year. Leave all the new shoots from the ground and old canes that have green leaves emerging. Cut all the dead canes with no new growth at ground level.

NOTE:  If you choose to plant Raspberry Shortcake in the ground, as with any raspberry, take care to plant in an open landscape or garden area where moderate spreading is tolerable. Raspberry Shortcake™ is perfectly suited to large patio containers, and will fill them out no matter the shape!



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