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Are You A Breeder With A Variety That Fulfills The Brazelberries® Promise?

Are you a breeder? Do you have an edible fruit variety that shows promise? Do you believe it fulfills the guiding promise to home gardeners for varieties in the BrazelBerries® Collection:

          Simple  -  Easy to grow
          Beautiful  -  Offer outstanding ornamental qualities
          Delicious  -  Produce abundant, tasty fruit

If so, we’d like to learn more about your variety.

At Fall Creek, we rely on building partnerships with the best small fruit breeders and breeding programs around the world.  We have a proven track record helping breeders to commercialize their varieties including:

  • IP Registration and Licensing Contracts In The U.S. & Internationally
  • Research & Development – Comprehensive Trialing System, Data Compilation & Inquiry, Variety Evaluations
  • Market Analysis
  • On-Site Tissue Culture Lab  (Expedites Production)
  • State-Of-The-Art Nursery With High-Health Propagation & Production Systems
  • Experienced Sales & Marketing Team
  • Network Of Partner Growers Throughout U.S. & Canada

Our team consists of seasoned, dedicated professionals in all the necessary areas to ensure success including IP & legal, sales & marketing, propagation and production.

We understand the years it takes to nurture and develop a new variety, and the trust it takes to license it to someone else.   We take this very seriously, and will sincerely consider whether we can successfully help you reach your goals.

Oftentimes those involved in plant breeding fall into one of two categories:  Innovators or Manufacturers. Fall Creek is both. We know how to link innovation to the practicalities of bringing varieties to market. And because we live berries, we make it our lives to understand who is eating berries, and what is important to them. 

BrazelBerries® is an emerging brand in the nursery industry, with a strategic marketing plan that will continue to generate excitement among home gardeners for years to come. Let us help you connect your Deliciously Beautiful Plant to a collection that fulfills its promise. 

If you have the right variety that is simple, beautiful and delicious, we have the expertise, systems and professionals to ensure the maximum return on your breeding efforts. Please call us and we’ll give you more insight and answer any questions you may have.

NOTE:  Our breeding efforts also focus on small fruits for the commercial fruit industry. If you have a variety that you believe is better suited to commercial fruit production, please visit the Breeders section* on our Fall Creek Farm & Nursery website.

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