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Fall Creek

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc. Is The World’s Leading Blueberry Nursery Stock & Genetics Company.

Our focus at Fall Creek is to provide premium blueberry nursery stock to commercial fruit growers and nurseries worldwide.

Two generations of the Brazelton family, founders of Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc., along with our team of professionals, have been pioneers in breeding berry varieties, both with our partners and in our own in-house breeding program. As a part of that mission, we have dedicated ourselves to developing new berry varieties specifically for home gardeners that are:

Simple  -  Easy to grow
Beautiful  -  Offer exceptional ornamental qualities
Delicious  -  Produce abundant, tasty fruit

After decades of research and exacting selection criteria, we realized that the groundbreaking varieties we were developing for home gardeners had the potential to transform berry gardening.

This exacting selection criteria have created a pipeline of varieties that fulfill this promise:

          To Bring Beauty and Purpose to Your Berry Lifestyle.

This means we’ll continue to introduce new blueberry varieties that are beyond imagination. These distinctive varieties will make berry growing easier and more accessible for greater numbers of home gardeners. They will also help home gardeners incorporate berry gardening as part of a healthy, fun, convenient and family-friendly lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for something easy, something pretty, or something delicious, BrazelBerries® hit the sweet spot. But it’s only the beginning. The BrazelBerries® collection assures a consistent pipeline of innovative berry varieties for years to come. You have our promise – our name is on the collection!

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