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Simple. Beautiful. Delicious. These Are The Primary Criteria That Guide Our Breeding Efforts For The BrazelBerries® Collection.

The BrazelBerries® varieties are completely changing the way we think about berry plants. They are breathtakingly beautiful and produce amazing fruit we can eat.

Today, personal health, sustainability, family fun, and bringing natural beauty into our homes are cornerstones of holistic living, and the plants we buy should be no exception.  No longer confined to the edible garden, BrazelBerries® varieties are designed for your landscape, patio, and intimate outdoor spaces. 

It’s time to think differently.  Here are some great ways to start using BrazelBerries® varieties:

  • With their compact size, BrazelBerries® varieties are perfect for decorative containers - bringing color, beauty, fruit and fun to your outdoor living spaces.
  • Place BrazelBerries® into patio pots to create an intimate space for any event – from informal snacking with kids to offering living appetizers at a summer garden party
  • Utilize color.  The varieties offer a rainbow of color, from red to peach to purple to emerald green, providing a perfect palate to mix with your flowering perennials, shrubs, and annuals.
  • Layer the varieties in with your ornamental shrubs to create the ideal edible landscape, whether for snacking or for wildlife attraction.
  • Plant the compact BrazelBerries® varieties along a pathway or in groupings to augment the ornamental impact. Our favorite is in 3’s and 5’s.
  • Arrange a mix of BrazelBerries® plants near children’s play areas. Kids are the fastest-growing demographic of berry consumers, so place BrazelBerries® where they can easily access them and encourage healthy eating.
  • Bring the color and beauty of BrazelBerries® inside!  We love clipping sprigs from our BrazelBerries® varieties and putting them in floral arrangements, especially if they have colored foliage or clusters of berries.

BrazelBerries® are easy to grow and only require minimal care. To maximize fruit production, a simple springtime fertilizing and a once-a-year winter pruning are all you need. These plants are anything but fussy!

The uses for the BrazelBerries® varieties are endless and the rewards are plentiful. These are spectacular plants that will provide you year-round beauty and bumper crops of amazing summer fruit.

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